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A Tiny Teleprompter That Can Help You Save Tons of Time

A Tiny Teleprompter That Can Help You Save Tons of Time

Tired of stumbling in your videos? You know the feeling. Your thoughts are organized really well in your head. You’ve prepped for your video, written out some talking points. But once you hit record, something shifts. Those sentences aren’t so smooth. Even worse, you find yourself drawing a blank when you know your subject inside out.

Speaking extemporaneously when you’re looking into the lens of a camera can cause even the most eloquent of speakers to fumble around, trying desperately to get a cohesive sentence out. It happens.

The good news is when you’re not on your game, you can just delete the video and start over. The bad news is that this process can become very time consuming, frustrating and disheartening if it goes on too long.

Losing Your Train of Thought Becomes a Thing of the Past with a Prompter

One way to solve that problem is by using a Teleprompter when you record your videos. “Prompters” used to be big and fancy for video production in studios. These days though, there are affordable options for your laptop, camera, tablet or any device that allows you to record video.

I’ve been using the Little Prompter when recording videos with a webcam on my laptop and it makes recording so much faster and easier.

In the video below, the creator of the Little Prompter Dann Hurlbert showed me how it works. He also explains why he knew there would be a market for a pint size prompter.

Here’s How I Got Started with a Teleprompter:

Ordered the Little Prompter on Amazon

Downloaded the Teleprompter Premium App

Wrote a script in Word, then uploaded it to Dropbox

Uploaded my script directly into Teleprompter Premium from Dropbox

Set the prompter on my laptop

Set the webcam on my laptop (Logitech)

Plugged in my external microphone (Blue Snowball)

That’s it and I was in business. The most important aspect of reading a prompter is making sure the speed is right. In the app, you can adjust the speed to make sure the words are moving at a rate that is comfortable for you. If the words are moving too fast, you can slow the speed down. Or if it seems like the words are dragging and you’re trying to stretch out your syllables, by all means speed it up! It just takes a little practice and you’ll be flying through your scripts in no time with a flawless delivery. 😉

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