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Here’s where I share my knowledge, tips and advice on everything about video marketing and selling on video.

Make a Video

If you know you need to be doing video to promote your business, but just haven’t found the time or motivation, there’s probably something else holding you back.

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Media Training

As I mentioned in one of my blog posts entitled “How to Make a Video with Zoom for Interviews”, employees make great on camera-ambassadors.

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Do you know you should be making videos to promote your business, but you’re too nervous about putting yourself out there on camera?

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What’s one of the quickest ways to build trust with potential clients who have no idea who you are? Talk to them on video.

Video will help you stand out from the crowd especially if you approach it like a professional broadcaster.

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Does it take you forever to create a video because you don’t know what to say when it’s time to record?

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Your virtual background sends a message whether you want it to or not. When you go to upload a new background, think about your audience.  Who is going to be on your call or watch your recorded video?  Do you want to promote your business or personal brand?  Do you

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Susan Siravo Blog Thumbnails teleprompter

Tired of stumbling in your videos? You know the feeling. Your thoughts are organized really well in your head. You’ve prepped for your video, written out some talking points. But once you hit record, something shifts. Those sentences aren’t so smooth. Even worse, you find yourself drawing a blank when

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Susan Siravo Blog sound better on video compressed

We’ve all been there. Hearing our voices on a recording and thinking wait, is that really what I sound like? Yep, most likely it is, but you have the ability to improve it. The video version of this post is below, but stay on this page if you prefer to read.

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Hi and welcome! I’m Susan and this website focuses on all aspects of video to get your message out in the world.  For more my background, please check out my ‘about’ page. 🙂


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