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Don’t be Dull in Your Videos: How to Kick up Some Energy

Don’t be Dull in Your Videos: How to Kick up Some Energy

One thing about video, is that it’s easy to come across flat when you’re getting the hang of it.

When I’ve worked with people on their on-camera presence for videos, I’ve found that sometimes they need coaching on how to be more energetic.

Here’s the video version of this post. The text version is below.

Here’s a common scenario. Someone is asked to appear on video for perhaps an interview or to explain a service or product.

They do okay talking in front of the camera, but they’re not necessarily persuasive or convincing.

One of the main issues is oftentimes people appear to have low energy which comes across as low enthusiasm.

It’s not that they’re actually unenthusiastic, but they’re not in storytelling mode or persuasion mode — whatever you call it when you really want to affect people.

Tell a Story Like You Do in Person

Think about how you tell someone a story after you’ve had an amazing experience like seeing your favorite band in concert. There’s an energy in your voice, posture and facial expressions.

That’s because you are naturally conveying the excitement you felt, so the person listening will experience some of that too.

That same principal applies when you’re talking on camera, but it can it be hard to do when you’re staring at the lens of a camera.

So how do you make sure your energy matches your enthusiasm?

Do some things to get yourself pumped up before you record the video.

Put your headphones on and listen to some music, take brisk walk, do some deep breathing. Whatever works to help you feel positive and lively.

Once you’re physically ready, it’s time to get mentally ready.

Think about your target audience and picture one person.

Imagine you are talking to that person only and how your message can help them.

Look into the camera lens and talk to that person as if you just met.

  • Make them feel welcome.
  • Focus on connecting with that one person.
  • Project your voice.
  • Have good posture.
  • Keep your facial expressions pleasant.
  • Smile (even if it feels forced, just try it!)

I think the key to having the right energy in your video is stay completely in the zone of focusing on that one person. That takes the pressure off you, so you’re not as self-conscious.

Remember, you’re doing this to provide a message that in some cases could be life changing. Like everything, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.


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